Definitions for "Yogurt"
A thick, custard-like, mildly acid preparation. Usually made by fermenting partly skim or skim milk with a special culture. Fruit of other flavorings may be added. In the Middle East it is served as a sauce with meat, fruit and vegetables.
This is a dairy product in which milk is fermented and coagulated by the introduction of friendly bacteria, the result of which is a creamy-textured product with an astringent taste. Plain yogurt is made from just whole milk, lowfat or nonfat milk, whereas flavored yogurt has sugar and flavorings added. Yogurt is a health-promoting product in that it is a good source of B vitamins, protein and calcium.
or Yoghurt - Use whole-milk rather than low-fat versions in recipes for better emulsifying.
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Yogurt is a free (GNU/GPL) PHP implementation of a social network service. (Also considered a Virtual community that is much similar). It's not a clone of Orkut but has the same concept of adding friends, creating user profiles (with one's personal information, photos, diary…) that can be viewed by other members, create and join communities (every community has its own forum) among many other features.
Yogurt was a late 20th century American experimental/noise band.