Definitions for "Centering"
A meditative technique focusing upon one's center of gravity, and realization of the self as the center of all space and time.
A way of meditating as to connect yourself with the energy within you and to find your center. This is a common practice before ritual.
A meditation exercise designed to produce feelings of total calm and oneness with the universe. As its name suggests, it's aligning the body and its Chakras for maximum energy flow. It should be preceded by grounding.
the scaffolding used to support a cupola [dome] during its construction.
temporary support/profile on which an arch is constructed.
Temporary shoring used to support an arch until the arch becomes self-supporting.
To place text horizontally or vertically in the middle of a page. (WP, Gr. 5)
is a technique to move the clay in to a symmetrical rotating axis in the middle of a wheel head so you can throw it.
Technique to move the clay in to a symmetrical rotating axis in the middle of a wheel head so it can be thrown. Ceramic Should properly be pronounced 'keramic' From the Greek word keramos, originally the art of making pottery, now a general term for the science of manufacturing articles prepared from pliable, earthy materials that are made rigid by high-temperature treatment. China Hard-paste porcelain plus bone-ash (Calcium Phosphate). China ware Term used to describe the true porcelain wares exported from China. Today these wares are known as Chinese Export Porcelain. Chinoiserie Generic term used to describe wares using patterns with Chinese ornamental motifs, particularly those created by European artisans with little or no knowledge of Oriental art.
One of the most important of the six Principles of Pilates, and the main focus of the method, since all work starts from the center (or Powerhouse).
(PRAYER): Multiple forms of prayer have been described within the Christian tradition. More recently the term "centering" has been used to designate those forms which focus and concentrate attention upon the Center at the center of human being, the heart.
the concentration of attention or energy on something; "the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology"; "he had no direction in his life"
The position of the design on a postage stamp. On perfectly centered stamps the design is exactly in the middle.
The relative position of the design of a stamp in relation to its margins. Assuming that a stamp is undamaged, centering is generally a very important factor in determining condition and value.
The way the design on a stamp is positioned. If perfect, margins between design and perforations are equal on all sides.
(American football) putting the ball in play by passing it (between the legs) to a back; "the quarterback fumbled the snap"
Kicking the ball from one of the wings into the goal or penalty area.
Passing the ball from the wing to the center of the field, near the goal, hopefully creating a scoring chance.
Design limitations or differences in manufacturing can result in centering, or a disparity in voltage output.
In a multiple output power supply it is sometimes awkward to have every output voltage spot-on. Power supply centering refers to this. This is often due to things like needing a full integer wind on a transformer. So, although the voltage might be well regulated, the nominal voltage can be slightly off.
The act of setting the output voltage of a power supply under specified load conditions, usually an auxiliary output of a multiple output power supply with all outputs at half load.
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Connecting the CPB of both partners to each other, through Connection
Gaining awareness of the body in the present moment.
Figuratively, to find one's balance. To center one's awareness.
Related to scanning the scanning indicator automatically returns to the center of the scanner display after each selection.
Same as Center, n., 6.