Definitions for "Chakra"
Circle, disc-the perfect symbol of the cosmos. It refers to the natal chart depicting distribution of planets in different houses. In spiritual literature, chakras refer to the seven energy centers extending from the spinal cord to the astral body and to other invisible counterparts of the human aura.
wheel, vortex
Psychoenergy control center.
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Power, Strength Can also be spelt: Chikara, Chakira, Chakura.
S. I. Melakarta raga classification. There are 12 Chakras of six ragas each, giving the 72 Melas. See Mela Chart.
Circle found on the Sikh emblem meaning 'God is one' and that Sikhs are inseparably united with Him through the faith. It represents the infiniteness of God because there is no beginning or end
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see cakra
Agricultural field, either on a terrace or hill.
(Qu.) -- agricultural plot or field.
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Cycle. Here it refers to the 12 cycles of the Melkarta system
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Glossary under revision.
a diagram used to determine the right kind of mantra for a particular situation or student
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(Q.) Field.[page 370