Definitions for "ANAHATA"
Heart chakra. Has two main components: a consciousness that is being raised, and a conscience. Emotional centre of the astral body. Its corresponding point, for the sake of additional security, is located on the right side of the body. ( On the left side, under the heart, there is a point of its mirror reflection, but not the chakra itself.) Anahata is commuted with the middle of the chest, where the central switchboard of all the relationships of a human with the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms, and also the root of all karmic interrelations with other people and all the consequences of one's thoughts-and-wishes is situated.
Sanskrit name for the heart chakra, symbolized by a 12-petal lotus.
Means, “unstruck sound.” The fourth chakra located in the heart area. This is where the yoga practitioner first experiences the vastness of inner space, which is often filled with celestial sounds and other inner sensory experiences.
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Anahata is the final album by Louisville-based math rock band June of 44.