Definitions for "Secularization"
The act of rendering secular, or the state of being rendered secular; conversion from regular or monastic to secular; conversion from religious to lay or secular possession and uses; as, the secularization of church property.
the activity of changing something (art or education or society or morality etc.) so it is no longer under the control or influence of religion
narrative that interprets social changes in the place of religion in society as decline in religion's power, influence, prestige, and/or popularity in the public sphere.
The process under which the Mexican government removed the mission lands from the jurisdiction of the Franciscans (who were replaced by secular priests) and half the mission land theoretically turned over to the Indians. The bylaws for secularization were enacted by the Mexican Congress in 1828, ratified in 1833 and fully enforced in 1834.
Mexican laws that took the missions away from the church and gave them to the government
transfer of property from ecclesiastical to civil possession