Definitions for "interfaith"
involving persons of different religious faiths; as, an interfaith marriage; interfaith good will.
(a.k.a. inter-faith): An attempt to initiate dialog, cooperation, and understanding among individuals of two different faiths. It is also used to refer to a relationship or marriage between people of different faiths. It is occasionally used as a synonym for " multi-faith." Unfortunately, the term "faith" is defined differently by various religious groups. For example, some conservative Protestants regard a marriage to a person who is not of their denomination to be an interfaith marriage. Other conservative Protestants would regard liberal Christians, Roman Catholics, Mormons, etc. as being of a different faith. Still other Christians interpret "interfaith" as involving another religion, as in a Christian-Buddhist exchange.
This term is generally used to describe a marriage between a man and woman who belong to different faith groups. An example of an interfaith marriage is one between a Greek Orthodox Christian and a non-Christian.