Definitions for "Business Rule"
a statement that defines or constrains some aspect of the business. This must be a term or fact (described below as a structural assertion), a constraint (described below as an action assertion), or a derivation. It is "atomic" in that it cannot be broken down or decomposed further into more detailed business rules. If reduced any further, there would be loss of important information about the business. See Chapter3
a rule describing how a business operates that is treated as a requirement or a design constraint.
a constraint that is applied to a particular business situation
a combination of conditional and imperative logic that changes the state of an object or data element
a self-contained piece of business logic that should fully describe actions to be taken under specified conditions
a triple event-condition-action, which specifies the event to be monitored, the precondition to be checked when the event occurs, and the action to be taken when the condition is found true
a Directive, intended to govern, guide or influence business behavior, in support of Business Policy that has been formulated in response to an Opportunity, Threat, Strength, or Weakness
a directive that is intended to influence or guide business behavior
a statement that intends to assert the structure or control the behavior of the enterprise
a routine which is triggered (invoked) whenever an MMP updates or adds data to the database for a specified Element
a statement of truth about an organization
a method for deciding how to evaluate an order according to the criteria that you establish
an information resource that is an expression of business policy
A directive, policy or procedure within an organization.
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a term to reference how input data gets processed based upon the way a company operates