Definitions for "Business Rules"
Verizon standards for the completion of Pre-Order, Order and Trouble Administration transactions through Verizon proprietary web interfaces or other standardized interfaces such as EDI. Verizon Access and Local Business Rules are based on standards set by ATIS.
Declarations of constraints on the presentation, storage, and processing or other aspects of entities defined in the environment(s) that an application is intended to support.
Business rules are the logic applied to calculate or otherwise derive a value. They are based on reporting requirements and business practices. ()
The laws, regulations, policies and procedures that are encoded in an application. Also known as business logic. e.Order uses the component object model to integrate the business logic Dynamics with the Microsoft Commerce Server.
The laws, regulations, policies, and procedures that are encoded into a computer system. Also known as business logic.
Are about making decisions from a collection of assertions or “facts.â€ï¿1/2 They are especially useful when the potential set of facts is large, such as those determining whether to approve a loan, what premium to charge for car insurance, or the applicable discount to a particular customer for a particular set of products at a particular point in time.
A set of standard practices to be applied consistently to ensure reliability and comparability across multiple mailings/activities
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