Definitions for "Code of practice"
A statement setting out the practice principles which inform a professional's work. Codes of practice have been developed in the twentieth century. They often overlap with codes of ethics but are usually more explicit about practice methods than a code of ethics.
Refers to the BSI publication DISC PD0005 - Code of Practice for IT Service Management.
a systematic collection of rules, standards and other information relating to the practices and procedures followed in an area. In general, a code of practice: is designed to provide practical guidance; should be followed, unless there is a better method which achieves the same result; may be used in support of a statute’s provisions; and may be used to support prosecution for non-compliance.
Set of rules by which the shooting industry regulates behaviour
an agreed set of rules for members of a particular industry to follow to ensure integrity and fair trading in that industry or sector
A document that outlines and establishes principles and standards of behaviour.
a generally non-binding set of provisions which members of an association or other grouping agree to abide by - the ultimate penalty for breach is commonly expulsion from the association
An agreement that certain professions sign up to in which they agree to act in a certain way in order to best protect the consumer.
A list of standards drawn up by an industry or professional association that the members of that association agree to be bound by. They do so in rogue pracitioners. Those who break the code stand to be disciplined or, in extreme cases, expelled from the association.
A group of principles and procedures individual employees of an organisation are expected to follow. This will cover such issues as client confidentiality, fairness and courtesy towards customers.
a set of standards that a business would expect its employees to conform to
Currently there are two different sets: LSE: divided into undergraduate, diploma, masters and research sections outlining transparent obligations and expectations between the School and students. QAA: a multi-sectional set of precepts and guidelines which QAA reviewers use to inform their judgements. See
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a much needed standard," said David Turner, group marketing manager of CODA and founder of the BASDA Marketing Group
Management standards developed by industry and government which promote techniques or methods of environmental management to achieve desired objectives.
a good way to state clearly your organization's position on important subjects like equality, ethics, contracts, conflict of interest and duty of care
A technical document setting forth standards of good construction for various materials and trades.
a document issued by a trade organization or similar entity that offers strict guidelines for an organization's operating strategy
a document which describes how a particular set of activities should be carried out
a useful document which provides greater clarity, to both Elected Members and the public, than the Regulations in relation to the procedures used at General Council and Council Committee meetings