Definitions for "Noncompliance"
Keywords:  failure, uscg, optn, prescribed, comply
Neglect of compliance; failure to comply.
Failure to comply with a standard or regulation issued under 46 U.S.C. Chapter 43, or with a section of the statutes. (USCG1)
1) Failure of patients to follow the instructions of the medical team, 2) Failure of OPTN members to adhere to the policies and bylaws of the OPTN.
Not taking one's medication properly.
Not staying on a specific medication or therapy regimen.
A variety of grandiosity which leads you to believe that you are not mentally ill or that you can safely handle the disease without recourse to medication.
A finding which indicates that a grantee is not following the requirements of or conditions of the award/grant/contract.
Keywords:  met, situation, requirement
A situation in which a requirement is not met.