Definitions for "Precondition"
A previous or antecedent condition; a preliminary condition.
an assertion that must hold prior to the successful execution of the associated function (e.g., use case path, class method). See also invariant and postcondition.
A precondition is something which is true or expected to be true when a program or fragment of a program is called. For example, one would not expect to call a 'divide' function with 0 as the denominator.
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an RDF properties
an assumption on which rests the validity or effect of something else
an assumption that is taken for granted
a treaty with the country of residence, as is the case for most eastern European countries
In use cases, the state of the software at the beginning of the sequence of steps to be described. This represents the entry criteria for the use case: if the software is not in that state, the use case does not apply.
Converting a string to an integer using the ASCII conventions.
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a publication many or most of whose readers already have web access -- meaning, a publication aimed at union staff and officers
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a check with no side effects
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a requirement placed on the client of a class