Definitions for "BCS"
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British Computer Society.
Battery Computer System
British Crime Survey
A computer-controlled high-speed machine that sorts letters by using a barcode reader to interpret an imprinted barcode.
a mail - processing machine that reads barcodes on mail and automatically sorts the pieces.
Bristol Collaborative Service
Basin Cooperative Services. A not-for-profit subsidiary of Basin Electric responsible for reclamation of the Glenharold Mine near Stanton, ND.
Budget Casting Supply, Foundry Metals, 60 East 40th Ave - Unit C, San Mateo, California 94403, Phone: 209-694-8601, East Coast Fax: 419-710-9609, West Coast Fax: 209-694-8601 e-mail: [email protected]
Business Consulting Services - A line of business within IBM Global Services that brings together the full strength of our industry expertise, leading edge technologies and world class professionals to create unprecedented end to end business value.
Business and Consumer Survey
Actually stands for Bostitch Calwire Staple; named after a company we bought in the early 60's that put us in the nailing business. These letters simply indicate that the fastener is heavy duty.
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Abbr. for bulk cruisers
Basic Combined Subest»ù±3/4×éºÏ×Ó1/4
Basic conservation systems.
This subset is used with basic FTAM applications and Session version 2.
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Bar Code Sorter
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Bowl Championship Series
An abbreviation for biomass combustion system.
(n.) Binary Compatibility Standard.
Bureau of Consumer Services; Bureau of Child Support
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Body Condition Score