Definitions for "Reclamation"
The act or process of reclaiming.
The reasonable rehabilitation of disturbed land for useful purposes, and the protection of natural resources of adjacent areas, including waterbodies.
The restoration of land to its original condition by regrading contours and replanting after the land has been mined, drilled, or otherwise has undergone alteration from its original state.
The process whereby securities, once already accepted at settlement, are returned because of nondeliverable form. See also: Good Delivery; Rejection.
A term used in bankruptcy to denote a right or proceeding on the part of a person having title to property to recover the same when it is in possession of the bankrupt, debtor, receiver or trustee.
The re-processing and upgrading of refrigerant by filtering, drying, or distillation and chemical treatment of the recovered refrigerant. The re-processed substance will require laboratory analysis to verify that it meets a specific quality standard. This involves processing "off- site" at a re-processing or a refrigerant manufacturing facility.
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is a synonym to reengineering.
Broadly covers the removal and grading of metallic material from an admixture of metallic and nonmetallic substances.
The collection and disposal of excess material.
altering a site, so as to highlight particular attributes that are overlooked.
alters an area to bring it to a healthy state unlike the original ecosystem. Syn: replacement
Representation made in opposition; remonstrance.
One of several methods of reducing or removing organic residue from sand including thermal, mechanical and chemical processing.
A process of consolidating the remaining data from many sequential access volumes onto fewer new sequential access volumes.
Conversion of property from unusable to usable condition.
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See: Refuse reclamation.
the recovery of useful substances from waste products
the process or industry of obtaining useful materials from waste products