Definitions for "Residue"
That which remains after a part is taken, separated, removed, or designated; remnant; remainder.
That part of a testeator's estate wwhich is not disposed of in his will by particular and special legacies and devises, and which remains after payment of debts and legacies.
That which remains of a molecule after the removal of a portion of its constituents; hence, an atom or group regarded as a portion of a molecule; a moiety or group; -- used as nearly equivalent to radical, but in a more general sense.
A single unit in a polymer; used for both a single nucleotide in DNA or a single amino acid in a protein.
An amino acid when referred to as part of a polypeptide chain.
General term for the unit of a polymer. That portion of a sugar, amino acid, or nucleotide that is retained as part of the polymer chain during the process of polymerization.
contamination in recyclable materials, which turns the whole bin into trash. Co-mingling of trash and recyclables can also contaminate other materials if it is dumped into the truck meant only for recyclables. If it's not removed before it goes to the processing plant, the trash can damage expensive machinery used to separate recyclables.
A deposit of material not used by the plant.
undigested materials.
a) Portion of a chemical structure which can be identified as being derived from a particular building block; b) portion of a building block which is incorporated into the final product but is not part of the scaffold.
In a learning loop, residue refers to ill-fitting or missing data or unused portions of the representation. In the process of instantiating representations to capture data in comparable ways, residue refers to the data that arise that don't fit in adequately. Typically, the process of shifting a representation is guided by the discovery of residue.
In complex analysis, the residue is a complex number which describes the behavior of line integrals of a meromorphic function around a singularity. Residues can be computed quite easily and, once known, allow the determination of more complicated path integrals via the residue theorem.
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Dead plant litter lying on the soil surface.
Any positive or negative number that differs from a given number by a multiple of a given modulus; thus, if 7 is the modulus, and 9 the given number, the numbers -5, 2, 16, 23, etc., are residues.
the residue of a default is the classical inference rule .
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The amount of pesticide that is on or in the crop at the time an analysis is made.
indicates an item is incomplete. *Associated with vehicle sales, where no SF97 is issued
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See Adhesive Residue.