Definitions for "Legacies"
Attentions taught to immaculum-gifted twilights by immortals.
Legacies are gifts left to named individuals or charities that you make within you Will. They can be for specific items or pecuniary, (gifts of money). There are also Residuary Legacies which are the gifts of assets and money from the deceaseds estate from what is left once all the debts have been paid and specific legacies distributed.
Used in the same manner as the word gifts, often the two are put together, such as in the Last Will and Testament section entitled "Legacies and Gifts".
"Legacies" is an episode from the first season of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5.
Legacies is the second volume in a series of Repairman Jack books written by American author F. Paul Wilson. The book was first published in 1998 by Headline in England (February) and by Forge in the US (August).
A legacy is a preferential bequest of specific assets before other inheritances (for instance, the residue of the entire estate) can be taken into account. There is also a pre-legacy which is regarded as one having priority over an ordinary legacy. Such bequests are usually stated first of all when inheritances are detailed in the will.