Definitions for "Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure"
Keywords:  tclp, leach, waste, extract, multiphase
Laboratory test used to determine the mobility of organic and inorganic contaminants present in liquid, solid, and multiphase wastes. If an extract from a representative sample is shown to contain any contaminant in an amount exceeding the levels allowed by regulations, the waste is banned for land disposal unless properly treated.
Analytic test method used to measure compliance with the metal treatment standards.
The EPA method for determining the amount of toxicity characteristic substances in a waste. A representative sample of waste is subjected to an acidic solution. After 24 hours, the resulting extract is then tested to determine if it contains contamination levels of regulatory concerns. The TCLP is designed to identify wastes that are likely to leach hazardous constituents into groundwater under improper management conditions. EPA has made the assumption that industrial waste would be disposed of with non-industrial waste in an actively decomposing municipal landfill situated over an aquifer