Definitions for "ITD"
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Information Technology Department. Formerly Information Services Division. A Department within North Dakota state government, the Information Technology Department is responsible for all wide area network services, planning, selection, and implementation for all state agencies, including institutions under the control of the State Board of Higher Education, counties, cities, and school districts. ITD is responsible for computer support services, software development, statewide communications services, standards for providing information to other state agencies and the public through the Internet, technology planning, process redesign and quality assurance.
Information Technology Department (formerly the Systems Department and the Software Engineering Department)
Idaho Transportation Department
Intratypic Differentiation
Italian Diplomatic (intercept)
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Institute of Training and Development. Now combined with the IPM to form the IPD.
Interaural time difference. The difference in time in the arrival of the signal from a sound source as it reaches the listener's left and right ears.
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Impedance Threshold Device
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Ignores Target Defense
International Trade Division