Definitions for "Warm-up"
A gradual increase in the intensity of exercise to allow physiological processes to prepare for greater energy outputs. Changes include: rise in body temperature, cardiovascularand respiratory-system changes, increase in muscle elasticity and contractility, etc.
The practice and "loosing" up session a swimmer does before the meet or their event is swum.
The gradual process of raising the body temperature and loosening muscles prior to strenuous exercise.
An area separated from, but adjacent to, the competition stage, in which athletes warm up before being called to perform their lifts and where they return after each attempt.
The period of time before starting the game, when player loosen up practicing their strokes.
A period in which players hit practice strokes and loosen up before starting a more rigorous practice or competition.
Process of allowing an engine to gain its correct working temperature after a cold start, before subjecting it to full load.
Increase in space temperature to occupied set point after a period of shutdown or setback.
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an easy activity that you do at the beginning of a practice or before a performance, to raise your energy level and put you into a silly mood
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a good test for any niggles you may have,
The time required for an oscillator's frequency to settle within a given tolerance of the frequency several hours later.
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a valuable preventative