Definitions for "Stress Test"
system performance testing at high levels of volume or simultaneous transaction processing in order to test for malfunctions, processing time and response time.
A financial test applied by rating agencies to assess the claims-paying ability of municipal bond insurers. The stress test subjects a bond insurer's portfolio to a severe and prolonged economic downturn that produces an extraordinary level of bond defaults. In order to receive a AAA rating on its claims-paying ability, a bond insurer must be able to pay all projected claims through the peak years of the stress period and be left with sufficient resources to write new business when more stable economic conditions resume.
A test to determine how many resources will be used by a system.
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A simulation run to determine how much a trader might lose over a specified period of time in extreme market conditions, which themselves must be specified. A set of ad hoc risk analysis techniques meant to supplement VAR calculations, which address only 'ordinary' market conditions.
A type of risk measure used by rating agencies to determine the claims-paying strength of financial guarantors.
A type of single-scenario risk measure.
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