Definitions for "Arrhythmia"
In pacing, any rhythm disturbance. Examples include bradycardia, tachycardia, any markedly irregular rhythm, block or the presence of premature contractions. Also known as dysrhythmia.
irregular heart rhythm; also called dysrhythmia
Any abnormal rhythm of the heart beat. Since some causes of arrhythmia may have serious health consequences, exercisers experiencing irregular heart beats should be referred for medical evaluation
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Hemiplegia Potassium
Hematology Potassium
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Hypothyroidism Psychiatry
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Hoarseness Progressive
Ibuprofen Progressive
Homeostasis Proteins
Hypercalcemia Proteins
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Hematopoiesis Ovaries
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Immunization Rhinovirus
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Fetus Predisposition
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Genotype Phenotype
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Hybridization Prenatal
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Intravenous Spectrum
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Hepatitis Reflux
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Hormones Retina
a rare but natural occurrence that increases in frequency as age increases