Definitions for "Diastole"
The rhythmical expansion or dilatation of the heart and arteries; -- correlative to systole, or contraction.
The relaxation phase of the heartbeat.
(dye ahs´ toll ee) [Gr.: dilation] • The portion of the cardiac cycle when the heart muscle relaxes. (Contrast with systole.)
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For the band Diastole, see Diastole (band).
Diastole is a grungy noise rock band originating from Groningen, the Netherlands. Diastole formed in late 1997 and had a lot of different drummers over the years. The current members are: Arjen Roffel (Guitar / Vocals), Reid van der Velde (Bass) and Stephen Luters (Drums).
A figure by which a syllable naturally short is made long.