Definitions for "Treadmill"
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A mill worked by persons treading upon steps on the periphery of a wide wheel having a horizontal axis. It is used principally as a means of prison discipline. Also, a mill worked by horses, dogs, etc., treading an endless belt.
Walking machine used to determine heart function
An exercise device consisting of a continuous moving belt on which a person can walk or jog while remaining in one place. --- Wheel Chair - A device used for mobility by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible, due to illness or disability.
a mill consisting of a large wooden cylinder with steps on the outside
A large wooden wheel or drum with steps on its outside, generally used in prisons rather than workhouses. It rotated as inmates trod from one step to another - rather like the wheel in a hamster cage.
Instrument of discipline in prisons. A cylinder made to revolve by the action of prisoners putting their weight on boards fixed as steps on the surface of the cylinder. It was intended to be an irksome and monotonous punishment.
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Sometimes called Stress Test or ExerciseTest, helps determine how the heart responds to increased work.
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