Definitions for "Anti-Rollback Device"
Keywords:  ratchet, hill, clack, coaster, lift
Safety feature which prevents the train sliding backwards down the lift hill or hills on the circuit. A metal wedge on the base of the car would grip onto grooved metal rails in the centre of the track should the train come to a stop on the hill. When the ride is operating normally, these wedges are what makes the clack-clack sound as the train ascends hills.
A notched strip that is attached to the lift hill next to the chain. A mechanism on the underside of the trains clicks in to the notches as Superman ascends the lift hill so that if the chain should stop, the train does not roll backward.
You know that "click-clack-click" sound you hear when traditional roller coasters climb the first hill? It is caused by "dogs" under the cars that ratchet into place and prevent the trains from falling back down the hill in the event of a lift chain failure.