Definitions for "Metronome"
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Metronome, with Tuner and mini Recorder. Very simple to handle. The best choice for musician who has no mastership on computer .
An instrument consisting of a short pendulum with a sliding weight. It is set in motion by clockwork, and serves to measure time in music.
The first successful apparatus to show the precise tempo of a piece was not invented until 1816. Beethoven was the first noted composer to use it.
a great tool, use it regularly
an invaluable tool for
a valuable possession to any instrumentalist
Japanese band which is often described as Techno Punk and that takes its influence from many genres, including techno, rock, hardcore and pop. They have also been described as gamewave and nintendocore. Their songs typically sample video game, or video game inspired, sounds and while being based in rock, are heavily electronic as well.
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A city-dwelling dwarf.
a third-person adventure game set in a large, industrial city where you must use sound to solve various puzzles
A small person who lives in the city.
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Mho MHz, Megahertz
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Metronome is a MIDI-based metronome which uses GTK+ for its user interface. The timing is handled by /dev/sequencer, and it has variable speed, variable time signatures, and variable note values.
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an investment your child will use forever
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a great help