Definitions for "Laya"
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Rhythm Lall Kila - This piece was composed by the musicians of the "Red Fort" during the rule of Akbar
(1) Timing in un-metered parts or tempo for metered parts (2)Principle of rhythm. In its broadest sense, tempo pertains to the pace of performance, as measured by time durations of the matra-s and vibhag-s. It also pertains to the rate of speed of the rhythmic patterns measured in relationship to these underlying time units. The term laya has both these meanings and is concerned with the tempo of the tal and the rate of flow of the phrases.
Means the tempo or speed of the tal. Three well-known general speeds are referred to as vilambit or slow, madya or medium and drut or fast. The basic tempo is referred to as barabar or thah laya which normally means the original speed or one note per beat (one bol per matra). A doubling of barabar would be referred to as duggun. It is not in itself an exact timing but it would be mathematically a doubling of barabar speed. So if barabar was one note per beat then duggun would be two notes per beat. Laya can also sometimes refer to the emphasis placed on certain notes in any given time cycle.
the absorption of the attention in inner currents of energy. Seven types of Laya exist: (1) Jyoti Laya - absorption in the inner channel of light, (2) Shabd Laya - absorption in the inner channel of sound, (3) Amrit Laya - absorption in the inner channel of nectar, (4) Prana Laya - absorption in the breath and current of life force, (5) Kundalini Laya - absorption in the energy of the Kundalini Shakti, (6) Kriya Laya - absorption into the spontaneous energy vortex created by the unfolding vehicles of consciousness during initiation or during the opening of the Nada by the spirit, and (7) Shakti Laya - absorption into the ray or beam of directed intention from an Initiate, who draws the attention into the inner realms.
Dissolution; merging.
Mergence or the act of merging into a state of consciousness- layaavastha. Laya consists of 4 steps or stages. The first is sameepyata (nearness to the condition), the second salokyata (moving in the region of the condition), saroopyata (becoming akin to the condition) and sayujyata (merge in the condition)
Laya is a telugu film actress and a Kuchipudi dancer. She entered telugu film industry in movie called Swayam varam along with another popular actor Venu. She had acted in about 40 telugu, tamil and malayalam films.
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the power to destroy ( SSS-III)