Definitions for "SCT"
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal The Tribunal established by the Commonwealth Government to deal with complaints about superannuation, annuity policies and Retirement Savings Accounts.
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. They are able to hear complaints that have not been able to be resolved by a superannuation fund's internal complaints mechanism.
Superannuation Complaints Tribunal. A tribunal set up by the Federal Government to deal with complaints regarding decisions made by superannuation funds. Members must first use their fund's Complaints Resolution Procedure before approaching the SCT.
Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope.
Schmidt-Cassegranian Telescope. A catadioptric telescope.
Schmidt-Cassigrain -- A telescope that uses mirrors and lens to "fold" the light into a smaller tube. An SCT occasionally needs collimation.
Vendor for USTÃs PLUS system, and vendor from which UST is purchasing Banner.
Systems & Computer Technology Corporation; major vendor of administrative system software
Science & Computing Technology, a company which supplies some of the software being replaced with PeopleSoft products
Stem Cell Transplantation
Stem Cell Transplant. To treat cancer and other conditions chemotherapy and/or radiation may be given to patients. As a result the patient’s bone marrow may be injured or destroyed. In a stem cell transplant the patient is given an infusion of healthy stem cells. The stem cells migrate to the cavities of the large bones and begin producing blood cells. Stem cell transplants can be allogeneic or autologous depending on what kind of disease the patient has.
Stem cell transplant. See bone marrow transplant.
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Spiritual Care Team
Super Checkers Team
Scout Teams. The scouts help find the routes into and out of the AO, into the FUP and the AOR. They also determine the construction of the AOR, its entry points, exterior door, and window construction.
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salmon calcitonin
A manufacturing process used exclusively by Henckel's cutlery. SCT utilizes the perfect alloy for each part of the knife, resulting in gourmet quality cutlery that will last a lifetime.
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Scattered (3 or 4 oktas)
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Foxpro Screen or PC Tools Script Tools Scitex Continuous Tone Bitmap or SAS Catalog Windows Script Component or Lotus Screen Capture Text
Societal Cost Test. The SCT is similar to the TRC, but also includes externality (non-monetized) costs and benefits. These are typically environmental benefits such as cleaner air and water.
Southampton Container Terminals – a container-handling company based in Southampton, in which ABP has a 49 per cent stake
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Supreme Commission for Tourism
Standing Committee on the Law of Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications (WIPO)
Supplementary Corporation Tax
Standardised Coded Terminology
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Society for Clinical Trials
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930 0010 Section land division corner, center
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Standard Course Time