Definitions for "CALS"
Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support. A bilevel, or black-and-white, raster format.
Continuous Acquisition & Life-Cycle Support, formerly Computer- Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support. CALS is a global strategy to further enterprise integration through the streamlining of business proc esses and the application of standards and technologies for the development, management, exchange, and use of business and technical information.
Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (University)
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Consolidated Accreditation and Licensing Survey
client access licenses. Special licenses required to allow client computers to access Small Business Server. Five licenses are provided with the initial Small Business Server installation. To allow more client computers to access the Small Business Server network, more client access licenses must be purchased from Microsoft.
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Centre for Applied Language Studies