Definitions for "PROMO"
A radio or television spot which promotes a program that will be aired in the future.
A non-revenue-producing announcement promoting an event by/for the business concern. EXAMPLE: A LOCAL TV STATION PROMOTING A SPECIAL ONE-HOUR PROGRAM ENTITLED, "CLINTON vs LARRY FLINT: WHO IS SLEAZIER?"
A brief announcement encouraging listeners or viewers to tune to a program on the station or network.
In professional wrestling, a promo is short for "promotional interview", a dialogue or monologue used to advance a storyline. The act of delivering such an interview is known in the business and by fans as cutting a promo. A promo targeted to denigrate or insult another individual, stable, or a rival promotion is said to be cut on the target (e.g., "Triple H cut a promo on Batista").
promotional release used by DJs, journalists, etc
Short for Promotional Model, promos are already assembled replicas (usually in 1/25th scale) that were produced by model companies for automotive dealers. These models are usually curbside replicas, and some incorporate friction drives at the rear axles. Promos have been known to exist in one medium or another through the years, but the golden age belongs to the plastic promo from the mid 1950's to the mid 1970's. Their value has risen in recent years due to rarity. A majority of these models were purchased as gifts for children, so fine condition surviving examples are very hard to come by. There is a caveat for the buyer of these models. Beware of counterfeit reproductions, and re-released models. These do not hold the same value, and are sometimes presented as original items. As with anything that merits collecting, the collector should take time in researching their subject before investing.
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A speech given by a wrestler/character in a kayfabe environment. The idea being that the worker is promoting his/her character.
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Promotional item
an item that was used to promote something or was used in a product's promotion.