Definitions for "Preservative"
Keywords:  spoilage, borer, rot, fungi, decay
Having the power or quality of preserving; tending to preserve, or to keep from injury, decay, etc.
An agent that is used to keep a solution from becoming contaminated by microorganisms (i.e., to maintain the sterility of the solution); may also have some ability to disinfect.
Something used to prevent harm or decay to wood.
That which preserves, or has the power of preserving; a presevative agent.
Food presevative - Any additive that help maintain a food's freshness and keep it from spoiling or oxidizing.
keeps product freshness
the liquid added to the collected material to kill any living organisms
A bacteriostatic or bacteriocidal agent added to some multiple dose parentals and most cosmetics. Examples are benzalkonium chloride (BAC), formaldehyde, and thimerosal (Merthiolate).
A material that protects organic mixtures from the growth of micro-organisms.
A protective coating designed for use on wood substrates. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a product must contain a fungicide in order to be labeled a preservative.
Keywords:  pesticide, toxic, result
a pesticide and, as a result, is toxic
Keywords:  timbers, tending, treated, power
tending or having the power to preserve; "the timbers should be treated with a preservative"