Definitions for "Triethanolamine"
See TEA.
Eye and skin irritant. Can react with nitrates (added as undisclosed preservatives to some products or their raw materials or present as contamimants) to form carcinogenic nitrosamines. Nitrosamines  have been shown to readily penetrate the skin. Used in some liquid all-purpose cleaning cleaning products,metal polishes, spot removers, and other household cleaning products.
an ammonia derivative which is known to have hormone disrupting effects. Can form carcinogenic nitrosamines and cause allergic reactions, dry the hair and skin and irritate the eyes.
Moisture absorber used in making emulsions.
An alkanomine used as part of an emulsion system in conjunction with organic acids like stearic acid. Also serves as a softener in hair spray.
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(See diethanolamine)
An alkalizing agent used in cosmetics. Used in very small qauntities.
pH adjuster used mostly in transparent soap. Glossary
an alkaline ingredient used to balance pH level of a product