Definitions for "Nitrobenzene"
A yellow aromatic liquid (C6H5.NO2), produced by the action of nitric acid on benzene, and called from its odor imitation oil of bitter almonds, or essence of mirbane. It is used in perfumery, and is manufactured in large quantities in the preparation of aniline. Fornerly called also nitrobenzol.
CAS Number: 98-95-3. A poisonous, yellow, insoluble oil with an almond odor that is used as a solvent, as a mild oxidizing agent, and in making aniline. Chemical formula = C6H5NO2. Molecular weight = 123.11 g/mol. Learn More...
A yellow oily liquid with an odor like shoe polish. May be absorbed via inhalation and through the skin. Chronic inhalation may cause liver damage. May bind with blood to reduce oxygen availability. Central nervous system depressant. Uses: Furniture polish, floor polish.