Definitions for "chloroForm"
A colorless volatile liquid, CHCl3, having an ethereal odor and a sweetish taste, formed by treating alcohol with chlorine and an alkali. It is a powerful solvent of wax, resin, etc., and is extensively used to produce anæsthesia in surgical operations; also externally, to alleviate pain.
A liquid whose vapour acts as an anaesthetic and produces unconsciousness
Chloroform, which is produced mainly by the chlorination of methane, is used as an intermediate in the production of refrigerants, agrochemicals and fluoropolymers. It is no longer used as an anaesthetic.
Keratoconjunctivitis Somatostatin
chloroForm is a simple, XML-based PHP form automation class providing entry method rendering, easy and flexible data validation and simple data binding to mysql records
a simple organochlorine compound that may cause cancer and organ damage in high doses
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To treat with chloroform, or to place under its influence.