Definitions for "THM"
Trihalomethanes. Any of several synthetic organic compounds formed when chlorine or bromine combine with organic materials in water.
a group of organic substances known as trihalomethanes, comprising for the purposes of the Regulations four substances: trichloromethane (also known as chloroform), dichlorobromomethane, dibromochloromethane and tribromomethane.
Trihalomethanes. Toxic chemical substances that consist of a methane molecule and one of the halogen elements fluorine, bromine, chlorine and iodine attached to three positions of the molecule. They usually have carcinogenic properties.
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thymus gland
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a master's degree in theology
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Town Hall Meeting. Town Hall Meeting where i-SAFE Internet safety information is provided to community leaders in an open forum. A Town Hall Meeting provides the opportunity to get involved with raising awareness of Internet safety throughout the community. A Community Action Team is usually formed from a Town Hall Meeting.
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Total Heavy Minerals. All heavy minerals in mineral sands with specific gravity 2.9