Definitions for "Stabilized Chlorine"
A chlorine which contains stabilizers that minimize the loss of chlorine caused by ultraviolet light from the sun.
Chlorine products that are conditioned with cyanuric acid or isocyanuric acid to prevent degrading by sunlight. Products such as sodium dichlor or trichlor are most common.
A family of chlorine pool sanitizers that contain conditioner (cyanuric acid or isocyanuric acid) to protect the chlorine from the degrading UV rays in sunlight. Most common types are sodium dichlor and trichlor ("dichlor" and "trichlor"). Granular form is dichlor which is fast dissolving and can be used for regular chlorination or superchlorination by broadcasting into the pool or spa. Tablet or stick form is trichlor which is usually used in a chlorine feeder either the floating type or the in-line erosion type used for regular chlorination only.