Definitions for "Poe "
Power over Ethernet. A technology that enables an Ethernet cable to carry power (electricity) in addition to data. Its purpose is to reduce the need for wires and improve network uptime (free from power outage). PoE consists of three components, i.e. the power sourcing device, the device to be powered, and the Ethernet cable. PoE is defined in IEEE 802.3af. The development of PoE was first inspired by the increasing use of VoIP. Users want VoIP service to be uninterrupted by power outage, like POTS. Nowadays, PoE products experience an increase in use, especially for powering VoIP phone, wireless access point, and network camera. Also see inline power, Ethernet, POTS, VoIP.
PoE is the ability to provide power to a PoE-enabled device via an 8-pin CAT 5 Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for a nearby power source.
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A category of applications or functions that capture orders from physicians for entry into a healthcare information system.
Physician Order Entry
Port of Embarkation
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Same as Poi.
Post-occupancy evaluation. A survey taken after project completion to assess end users' level of satisfaction with the various aspects of the new working environment, as well as to obtain their feedback on the relocation process.
Formerly Parallel Operating Environment, now Parallel Environment for AIX.
Parallel Operating Environment. An execution environment that smooths the differences between serial and parallel execution. It lets you submit and manage parallel jobs. It is abbreviated and commonly known as POE.
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See Polyolester.
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A Poe is a ghost enemy in The Legend of Zelda series of video games.
A programming language designed to be used simultaneously by multiple programmers, users or agents. Project has been renamed to Mica and is now hosted at
Poe is a Vorbis comment editor. It tries to follow the Vorbis comment header specification closely, while being convenient and flexible to use.
PARADE OF EXCELLENCE. Competition among chapters within a state, in which points are earned and an overall chapter ranking is established.
primary organizational element
Post Office Express. A postal retail unit located within an independent business to serve consumer needs related to merchandise and postal products and services.
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United States writer and poet (1809-1849)
Process of eliminating poor answer choices
The acronym POE or PoE can be expanded as follows. For people or characters named Poe, see Poe.
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Place of Employment