Definitions for "POI "
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A national food of the Hawaiians, made by baking and pounding the kalo (or taro) root, and reducing it to a thin paste, which is allowed to ferment.
food product made from taro
A staple food for the Hawaiian people. When the root of the taro plant is cooked, pounded until smooth, then thinned with water, it becomes poi. It has a paste-like consistency that only some people can acquire a taste for. It is special and unique in every way.
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Ball on string for swinging 2, 3 or 4 poi . See history articles
ball attached to flax cord, swung by Maori women in traditional action song
traditional Maori dance prop popular with fire performers. Made with a knot of wick at the end of a rope.
Point Of Impact. The place that the projectile (pellet) hits when the airgun is discharged.
Point Of Impact. The point where the bullet hits. By adjusting the sights, the point of impact can be made to coincide with the Point Of Aim at a preselected distance; hence we say the rifle/sight/pellet combination is "zeroed" or "sighted in" at that range.
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The POI project contains several components for dealing with popular OLE 2 formats in Java. POIFS is a pure Java implementation of the OLE 2 Compound document format. HSSF is a pure Java implementation of Excel 97 XLS file format based on POIFS. HSSF Serializer is a pure Java serializer for Cocoon 2 that uses the Gnumeric XML format to output XLS.
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Point of Impingement. For predicting compliance under Reg. 346 (Air Pollution). The nearest point where air contamination emitted by a source will impinge on a building or beyond the property line. Defined in the MOE's ESDM Procedure as "any point on the ground or on a receptor, such as nearby buildings, located outside the company's property boundaries at which the highest concentration of a contaminant caused by the aggregate emission of that contaminant from a facility is expected to occur."
point of information. The location at a facility where visitors seek information.
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Point of Interconnect
Point Of Interconnection
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Then or afterwards, e.g. poi No. 3, then No. 3.
Location in Ten Thousand Islands, a location where many manatees are released back into captivity after medical care and/or rehabilitation. After release, some manatees return here too for freshwater access.
Pacific Oceanological Institute
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plan d'organisation interne.
Party of Interest. The claimant (claimant attorney), employer (representative) , medical provider, carrier and may also be any statutory fund that may be liable in the particular case.
identifying clause
a notional point identified as the centre at which different networks are connected with each other
Persistent Object Identifiers
Point Of Interface. (7/96)
Point of Interface. The point in a network at which carriers interface with one another.
Production Optimization Interface (standard SAP)
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program(s) of instruction
program of instruction(s)
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An acronym for "Program Oral Interpretation of Literature." For a complete description of this and all other events, see our event descriptions.
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Point of Interaction
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Point Of Installation
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Points Of Interest
Keywords:  interest
Point of interest.