Definitions for "Baião"
Brazil. Derived from a folk dance in the north east of Brazil (Ceará, Maranhão, and Bahia), the baião is played by a small group consisting of guitar, piccolo flute, and rhythm section. Melodies tend to be in the mixolydian or lydian b7 modes. (th)
(buy own) is a popular style from the Northeast of Brazil. It was created in 1946 by Luis Gonzaga who used elements from older folkloric rhythms and combined them with modern instrumentation of Zabumba (bass drum) triangle and accordion. Baiao is a raucous party music sometimes played all night. Tempo ranges from moderate to very fast. The term Forro (foh hoh) is often used to refer to the Baiao rhythm, along with other related styles such as Xaxado (zha zha doh) and Coco ( coh coh). Well known percussionist Airto Moreira often uses the Baiao rhythm in his compositions. Baiao is sung in Portuguese.
popular rhythm from north-eastern Brazil.