Definitions for "Saltarello"
A popular Italian dance in quick 3-4 or 6-8 time, running mostly in triplets, but with a hop step at the beginning of each measure. See Tarantella.
(from Italian, "little hop") in music this term is used for a variety of moderatly fast Italian jumping dances, from the fifteenth century usually written in triplet metre, generally with much use of hemiola. Fourteenth-century examples (all in a single manuscript, GB–Lbl Add. MS 29,987) appear in a variety of meters, and are very much like the estampie. Later examples, surviving from as early as ca. 1400, are a type of basse danse. In the sixteenth century, the saltarello is essentially a calmer version of the galliard, and usually is found paired as the triple-meter after dance to a duple-meter dance, most often a pavane or passamezzo. The two dances often share musical material. [SPR; GJC
an energetic triple-metered Italian dance