Definitions for "COLORATURA"
This word derives from Germany, it means an elaborate and brilliant ornamentation of the vocal line, the singer must have a marked acrobatic ability. The Italian term fioritura means virtually the same thing.
(Ital.) : Florid embellishment of a vocal line, especially for soprano in the high register; a soprano who specializes in such parts. Most coloratura parts are from the Italian 19th-century repertoire, but the role of the Queen of the Night in Mozart's The Magic Flute is an important precedent (aria "Der Holle Rache," CD 1).
The term refers to the filling in of the long (white) notes of a musical line with briefer (black) notes, thus darkening or 'coloring' it. The Baroque aesthetic viewed the unadorned as vulgar and common and, in its quest for fantasy and symbolism, it favored the ornate and the artifice of floridity. Those interested in learning more about this should read The History of Bel Canto by Rodolfo Celletti.