Definitions for "Plena"
Keywords:  puerto, rican, pandereta, afro, lyric
An Afro-Puerto Rican rhythm and vocal genre traditionally played with panderetas with lyrics containing humor, satire, and social commentary.
( pley nah) is a rhythm and song form developed in Ponce, Puerto Rico in the mid 19 century. Plena functions as a 'musical newspaper' of the people, giving an opportunity for comment on politics, social events and other topics through the medium of humorous, sometimes nonsensical storysongs. Instruments used include the guiro (gourd scraper), two or more frame drums called panderetta or pandiero (without jingles) guitar, accordion and voices. The rhythm has been adapted to congas and has become part of the standard salsa repertoire. Plena is sung in Spanish.
a musical genre developed in Puerto Rico; see complete description on plena page
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