Definitions for "Guajira"
Keywords:  cuba, montuno, cuban, lyric, guitar
Cuba; Rhythm; Musical style. In music it refers to a rythm and style that incorporates a tres guitar or two, maybe piano, and slow, smooth percussion. Look at Cachao's "Master Sessions Vol 1" for the prototypical and beautiful guajira.
Similar to the son with vocals as a form of social commentary to guitar accompaniment. Originally from the countryside. The urbanised version that we hear today is played in 2/4 or 4/4 time and is rhythmically similar to the son montuno but slower.
EThis form of country song emerged in Oriente, the eastern region of Cuba. Derived from Spanish tradition, the lyric content is sometimes sad or longing, nostalgic or expressing the difficulties of an impoverished life-style. The singer is accompanied by a guitar and a set of small percussion instruments. Later a double bass was added along with other percussion instruments, when the mixture with the son gave way to the son montuno, slower that the son.