Definitions for "Sexteto"
Keywords:  tres, maracas, clave, habanero, bongos
A type of musical ensemble which emerged in the 1920s, featuring a guitar, tres, marímbula, bongó, maracas, and claves.
Musical group formed by 6 musicians: guitar, tres, double bass or marímbula, bongos, maracas and claves. Some of the musicians are also singers. The sexteto is the typical son formation of the 20's. After 1927, a trumpet was sometimes added, turning the group into a septeto.
The Cuban septetos and sextetos of the 1930s played mostly sones and boleros. They were trumpet-led string groups, usually with tres, guitar, maraccas, bass and bongó. Famous groups included the Septeto Nacional and the Sexteto Habanero. The music they played fell somewhere between the guajiro string groups and the brassier conjuntos. Septeto trumpet style is singularly lyrical, moving between 19th-century brass-band cornet and jazz in its inspiration. The Septeto syle as a whole is subtle, crisp, and charming.