Definitions for "Clave"
Keywords:  afro, cuban, rhythmic, salsa, rhythm
(1) A mucial instrument included in the rhythm section of many latin bands, commonly used in the playing of Mambo and Salsa music.(2) The common, underlying two-measure rhythm of Mambo music, played as follows (accented beats are highlighted in black): measure 1:&&&& measure 2:&&&& In music notation: To listen to the Clave rhythm, click here: See also: [ Mambo | Salsa
A five-note, bi-measure pattern that serves as the rhythmic foundation for much of Cuban music, salsa, and Latin jazz. Despite many variations, the most common 3-2 pattern is usually called the son clave or simply the clave.
Rhythm. a two-measure rhythmic pattern, consisting of five notes, which is the rhythmic basis of much Afro-Cuban, Antillian, and Brazilian music. There are various clave rhythms for different kinds of Cuban, Brazilian, and West African Music. (sr) Sound sample: (au, 22kB) See also: Curtis Lanoue's 'Afro-Cuban Folkloric Rhythms'
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imp. of Cleave.