Definitions for "Fandango "
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A lively dance, in 3-8 or 6-8 time, much practiced in Spain and Spanish America. Also, the tune to which it is danced.
A ball or general dance, as in Mexico.
fan·dan·go A party with dancing; also: a dance in triple time with instrumental accompaniment from Spain and Mexico; also: music for this dance.
Fandango is a corporation in the United States that sells film tickets over the telephone and Internet, allowing customers to make sure they have tickets and avoid lines at the movie theater. They are notable for their advertisements, which play before previews in most major movie-theater chains. The ads feature puppets made out of lunch bags, and are widely recognizable to most moviegoers.
Fandango was originally a 30 minute black and white student film entitled "Montezuma's Revenge" by Kevin Reynolds while he was a student at USC Film. It was a parody of greek life at his alma mater Baylor University, however due to his father's presidency at the school he did not wish to portray the Baptist institution in an unfavorable light and gave it the alternate distinction as the University of Texas. Steven Spielberg saw it and helped fund a feature length comedy/drama about five college students from Texas in 1971 who go on a 'last' roadtrip together, celebrating the "privilege of youth" as they face graduation, marriage, and the Draft for the Vietnam War.
Fungicide; active ingredients: fluoxastrobin, prothioconazole; main application: cereals
Fandango was the first TV game show to air on The Nashville Network. It ran from March 8, 1983 - March 31, 1989. To date it's one of the longest running cable game shows on television.
Fandango is a GL-rendered, Python-scripted CAD program. The low-level functionality is programmed in C++, and then the relevant functions are exposed to Python and used as building blocks for more functions. Currently the memory core allows lines, triangles, line strips, and triangle strips. Texture, blending, and lighting can be switched on and off from a command line.
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a wedding feast