Definitions for "Carriers"
Keywords:  drapery, traverse, hook, rod, glides
Small runners installed in a traverse rod which hold a drapery pin or hook.
Small mechanisms used to hold a drapery pin or hook.
Carriers are also called glides. These are the plastic devices used to hook the draperies to the rod.
Holding devices for PCBs and other parts to facilitate handling during component placement, soldering and other processing.
Holders for electronic parts and devices which facilitates handling during processing.
An edible material to which ingredients are added to facilitate uniform incorporation of the latter into feeds. The active particles are absorbed, impregnated, or coated into or onto the edible material in such a way as to physically carry the active ingredient (AAFCO).
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Roller hardware components used at top of panels to join them to overhead track
Angles or flats that get welded to the grating.
Flats or angles which are welded to the grating panel and nosing of a stair tread and are attached to a stair stringer to support the tread.
apparently healthy people who harbor disease-causing microbes in the body and who can infect others by passing the microbes on to them.
A person who has genes for a specific disease, but does not develop symptoms of that disease.
Substances or particles that can transfer genes into a cell. These include viruses, liposomes (fat globules) and artificial chromosomes (sequences of DNA created in a laboratory) that can transport large amounts of DNA.
Paried elements in the apparatus, occurring behind the forceps and serving as support for their posterior ends.
A clear plastic film or paper used to support ("carry") an adhesive (e.g. mending tape) or photographic emulsion (e.g. 35mm negatives).
Private insurance organizations under contract with HCFA to process Medicare Part B claims.
organizations that administer Medicare Part B.
a transportation company, specializing in the regional distribution of product either interstate commerce or intrastate commerce
owners or operators of vessels providing transportation to shippers. The term is also used to refer to the vessels.
conduction electrons; electrical current is the movement of charge carriers. In photovoltaic energy, they are the electrons and holes generated by photons
holes or electrons carrying electric current in a semiconductor.
Carriers are people who have the hepatitis B virus in their blood for longer than 6 months, also known as chronic hepatitis B.
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Another term for insurer, or the insurance company that "carries" the risk for the policy owners.