Definitions for "Liposomes"
Microscopic sacs manufactured from natural or synthetic fatty substances which include phospholipids (components of cell membranes). When properly mixed with water, phospholipids can "trap" any substance that will dissolve in water or oil. Manufacturers say that liposomes act like a delivery system, depositing product ingredients into the skin. When the liposomes "melt" the ingredients, such as moisturizers, are released. Glossary
microscopic, fluid-filled pouches with walls made of layers of phospholipids identical to those that make up cell membranes; used to deliver certain vaccines, enzymes, or drugs (e.g., insulin and some cancer drugs) to the body; used in the delivery of some cancer drugs to shield healthy cells from the drugsi toxicity and prevent their concentration in vulnerable tissues, lessening or eliminating common side effects; also used experimentally as a method of carrying normal genes into cells to replace defective, disease-causing genes.
Liposomes act as a delivery system in skincare. They are made of the same material that forms cell membranes and carry active ingredients