Definitions for "Poaching"
Poaching is cooking slowly in a minimum amount of liquid even below the simmering point and not allowing the liquid to boil. It is a special technique to cook delicate food products. For e.g poaching eggs,fish etc.
Cooking food that is partially or completely covered by a liquid, that is maintained at a temperature just below boiling point.
To cook or simmer in liquid
Keywords:  churn, wet, trampled, grassland, muddy
Damage caused to grassland when animals churn up the fields during wet weather.
Damage to grass and soil caused by excessive animal treading in wet weather particularly round feeders etc.
Wet soils which are trampled and 'churned up' by cattle, they become muddy and it often leads to a breakdown in soil structure.
The process of obtaining viable follicular units from a seemingly used-up donor area.
Severe damage to the sward caused by concentrations of livestock.
(in doubles) an aggressive move where the player at net moves to volley a shot intended for his/her partner
the practice of recruiting people from other companies by offering inducements.