Definitions for "Deglaze"
Keywords:  loosen, pan, saut, stir, gravy
To remove browned bits of food from the bottom of a pan after sauteing, usually meat. The sauce created by adding liquid (often wine) to the pan can then be used in the dish.
During sautéing there are small brown bits that are created that are often used in making a sauce more flavorful. This term refers to adding water or wine to a pan to dissolve these bits and bringing to a boil.
The process of scraping up all the frond, or browned bits, that collects in the bottom of a pan or skillet after cooking. Liquid is added to the pan and, as it heats up, the bottom is scraped with a spoon or spatula so that the residue is added back into the liquid for lots of extra flavor.
Keywords:  pottery, porcelain, dull, glaze, remove
To remove the glaze from, as pottery or porcelain, so as to give a dull finish.
Removing the glass from the window frame.