Definitions for "OMC"
Organizació n Mundial de Comercio
Organisation Mondiale du Commerce / OrganizaciĆ³n Mundial del Comercio (Igual que WTO)
OMC is a music group from Otara, Auckland, New Zealand which had a worldwide hit with the song "How Bizarre" in 1996. Originally the Otara Millionaires Club, the full name of the band is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Otara's status as one of the poorest suburbs of Auckland.
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OMC is the initialism under which the Olifant Manufacturing Company of South Africa was most commonly known during its existence. It was established specifically for the task of creating the Olifant tank for the South African Army. Today it is part of BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa, itself a division of BAE Systems Land and Armaments.
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Optical Memory Card
The Optical Monitoring Camera (OMC) for INTEGRAL is an optical (500-850 nm and V filter) CCD (1024 x 2048 pixels) camera with a field of view of 5 x 5 degrees. It can detect optical counterparts of the prime targets of IBIS and SPI up to a visual magnitude of mV = 19.7.
Office of Motor Carriers
The Office of Marketing Communications at Boston College. They provide marketing counsel and related editorial, photographic, and graphic design services to the BC community.
Office of Managed Care. The office that develops and implements managed care statewide for medical care clients. See: Managed Care
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Our Man Clay. (Popular at That's The Clay and The Clayboard)
Official mileage to control. The official mileage as measured at the timing line of a control.
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Oil Marketing Companies
Open Market Committee