Definitions for "MOC"
Mint on Card WS Widescreen (same as letterbox)
Acronym for Mint On Card. Used for diecast cars and action-figure collectibles that are packaged in an extruded plastic card.
mint on card - for those items that were originally sold on a blister packed card or with only a cardboard header.
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MERS Operations Center (FEMA)
Mobile Operations Center
Mars Orbital Camera
A MOC (or My Own Creation), is a specialized term given to custom designs built by individuals utilizing the popular Lego bricks, or similar constuction toys usually modeled directly like Lego. A MOC can be anything from an amateur design to a professional sculpture as long as the bricks are used and it is of a model not available for store purchase.
Macedonian Orthodox Church in Northo America
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Market On Close – An order placed with a broker of securities or commodities where the trader requests that the purchase or sale be made at the final closing price for the day's trading session. Brokers will make an attempt to honor MOC orders, but in extremely volatile markets they may not be able to.
Market On Close. An MOC order directs the floor broker to buy or sell for you at the market in the closing range.
Market on Close. Buying or selling within the closing range of the trading day.
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(mother of the chapel) a female FOC
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Ministry Of Commerce
Metrication Operating Committee, a committee consisting of a representative from each U.S. government agency. See the Metric Conversion Policy for Federal Agencies. See also ICMP.
Modulus of Compression. See Support Factor.
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minimum oxygen for combustion
Managed Object Class.
Management of Change. A process used to track and manage any physical or specification changes made to process related equipment in a plant.